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CBS News interview

Today, and over the weekend, CBS News Weekend Roundup program is broadcasting an interview with me conducted by National Correspondent Dan Raviv.  He asks why I pursued a claim on Krausenstrasse 17/18, the hurdles I encountered, what I discovered along the way and what it all meant to my mother.

And here is the interview – for anyone who wants to listen!

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Ankerwycke Books in the News

Jonathan Malysiak, executive editor at the American Bar Association’s new imprint Ankerwycke, gives an insightful interview to Deborah Kalb today.

Top executives at ABA Publishing realized that, in order to expand its readership base, they needed to appeal beyond just lawyers and reach out to the general non-lawyer audience. To date, this has been an under-represented niche in the publishing world.  But in the current publishing climate it is, of course, practically unheard of for a publisher to be launching a brand new imprint.  But ABA is perfectly positioned to do just that.

In December 2014, the official debut of the new imprint was launched with a legal novel by David Lat entitled “Supreme Ambitions.”

As the author himself of Lead Me to Success in Publishing, Jon understands the book business from both sides – as an editor and a writer. That makes him all the more sympathetic to the stresses and strains experienced by authors.  And I can personally testify to his abilities on that front!

Ankerwycke’s 2015 debut list has 10 titles ranging in subject matter from fiction, memoir, true crime, business, history, biography and sports.  All very different but all with a common theme – a connection to the law.  And Stolen Legacy is one of those ten new books!  The 2016 Ankerwycke list is now on track to double in size.  Honored to be in such good company!

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Chicago Book Review – Summer 2015

Read this excerpt from the list of recommended books for Summer 2015.

I am delighted to be included in the books to read over the coming months:

A hammock, a tall glass of something cold, and a book. That sounds like pretty much the perfect summer day.

With so many books coming from so many local authors and publishers, you can fill your beach bag with a summer-full of reading material (from your local bookstore, of course) and #ReadLocal all season long.

Here at Chicago Book Review, we once again asked area publishers to share information about some of their hottest upcoming titles. The result is CBR’sSummer 2015 Preview, a month-by-month listing of some of the most exciting books coming out from local authors and local publishers between now and Labor Day. In the list below, you’ll find information about books covering an interesting array of subject matter, fiction and nonfiction, for adults, young adults, and children alike. CBR’s Summer 2015 Preview promises something for every reader—books from local authors and publishers that are sure to please, whether you’re at the beach, at the cottage, or hanging out on the back porch or at the pool.

Happy Reading!

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Meeting a reader

Today at Book Expo America 15 in New York.

A reader taking a photo of me signing Stolen Legacy.

Ankerwycke executive editor, Jon Malysiak, takes a photo of her taking a snap of me!

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Dr Ruth Westheimer

At the next door booth was Dr Ruth.

During a book signing of her latest offering “The Unknown Face of Islam” I popped over to have a photo with her.

She was absolutely charming.

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