Mid-Manhattan Library

Photo MidManhattan LibraryA nice crowd gathered for my presentation at the New York Public Library on October 13. It was great that so many people had already read the book. There are seven copies in the library.

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Brooklyn Law School

At Brooklyn Law School conference dinner this evening talking about Stolen Legacy with college President, Dean and Professor of Law Nick Allard. Packed room all listening attentively to my every word! Very nice crowd. Loved meeting everyone and hearing their stories. Interesting questions too.

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Politics and Prose

It was standing room only at Politics and Prose when I spoke about my book.  Plenty of people were already in their seats when I turned up half an hour before my event was due to start.  They listened attentively, laughed at all the right places when I read extracts from my book and asked interesting and perceptive questions. It was a very fine start to my book tour.

I nearly forgot to mention…lots of books were sold and I signed plenty of copies.

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Politics and Prose Bookstore

Politics and Prose in Washington DC now has my book in stock.  It’s on the  middle shelf of the “New Non Fiction” section.

And there were only two left.  I signed them both and a staff member stuck a sticker on saying “Signed by the Author”.

Stolen Legacy is just above “Capital Dames” by Cokie Roberts.  Slightly to the left is “Ally” by Michael Oren.

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“Moment” meets Krausenstrasse 17/18, Berlin

Last week “Moment” editor, Nadine Epstein, was in Berlin.  She took the opportunity to pay a visit to the former Wolff family building – once the headquarters of a thriving international fur business.

And luckily she had a copy of the May/June edition of the magazine with her. Holding open the page where my article about “Stolen Legacy” begins, she could compare the glossy full page picture of the property with the building she was now in front of.

Time for a photo!

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Stolen Legacy is published by the American Bar Association and distributed by National Book Network.

Paperback: 328 pages   |   Language: English
ISBN: 978-1634254274
Includes book club discussion questions.