Institute für Zeitgeschichte

In Munich today speaking about provenance research and restitution at the Institute of Contemporary History (Institute für Zeitgeschichte). This event was part of an annual series of four seminars for museum staff under the auspices of the Freie University of Berlin.  My session was about the importance to families of receiving restitution.  Non-state museums across Bavaria, of which there are over 1,200, are examining what they hold in their archives and whether or not items were illegally acquired during the Third Reich from former Jewish owners.  Attempts are now being made to trace heirs and return objects to them wherever possible.

My talk was followed by a panel discussion. Here I am being asked a question by Dr. Uwe Hartmann, Head of the Department of provenance research, German Lost Art Foundation.  Joining me on the panel are Dr. Carolin Lange, senior provenance researcher at the office for non-state museums in Bavaria and historian Magnus Brechtken, deputy director of the Institute and professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. 

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